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I believe that
being interdisciplinary
is the only way to be
truly good at
the discipline
you love most.

I write because I love it most. My adjacent disciplines and qualifications span visual and service design, film-making, yoga, liberal arts, editorial management, content strategy (the kind that deals with UX and IA), and digital production.

My work has been based in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.
I, myself, have been based in Montreal, Bandung, Jakarta, Bangkok, Jogjakarta, Bali and Melbourne. And so, I speak fluent English, Indonesian and French (although, people in France will – and have laughed at my French Québécois accent).

Being multidisciplinary / multicultural has wired my brain to unpack contexts, analyse patterns, and translate ideas – all pretty useful functions for a copywriter who turns insight into strategy; and never without a damn good story.

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Annisa DharmaLearnings, or stuff I wish I’d known ten years ago:

  1. I escaped “the office” and became a freelancer because I wanted to be “free”. I didn’t know then that freedom meant working ungodly hours, spending 60% of my day writing emails, being an accountant-slash-project manager-slash-studio manager-slash-business development manager-slash-web designer-slash-debt collector in one, juggling various unruly clients, spending my week in meetings, and then still finding time to actually work. I know better now. I wouldn’t trade it all for a damn thing.
  2. I only started working – like, really, truly working – when I became a mom.
  3. Being at The Word everyday as a latchkey kid who waited for her parents to finish class and pick her up, I learned that one book is actually many books depending on where you are in your life when you read it. This applies to books and pretty much everything else.
  4. If there’s only one thing you master in life, make it a liberal arts education.
  5. Routine makes me healthy.
  6. But spontaneity makes me feel alive.
  7. We should all be feminists. Better yet, we should all be Gay feminists living in beguinages.
  8. So, I took Gretchen Rubin’s quiz about The Four Tendencies, which explores how one could cultivate good habits and be more productive by getting to know oneself better. I came out as the ‘Rebel‘. That’s right, I make things hard for myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Apologising is one of the hardest things to do. I’m still learning how to do it right, but Amy Poehler’s two comparative apology letters have inspired my intent to be able to say sorry in an honest, human way.
  10. Shitty life situations are just bad UX. They can be redesigned.
  11. I learn something new everyday. (Watch this space.)


Got learnings? Send me an email. Don’t be shy. I seriously love this stuff. 

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