Chin Communications

Copywriting of website, newsletters, white papers and booklets.

The good folks at Chin Communications are the people to know these days. They’re Chinese language experts who have been translating, interpreting and designing for 25 years. By the looks of China’s massive progress, they’ll be doing it for 25 more.

As a multicultural linguist myself, this project was dear to my heart and mind. I wanted to capture the electricity of firing synapses when a multilingual brain works its magic.

Stellar Entertainment for Silk Air

Annisa Dharma - Silk Air

Copywriting of in-flight entertainment descriptions (movies, documentaries, music albums and TV episodes).
The Content Folk &

Stellar Entertainment makes sure we don’t get bored on flights. Particularly in this case, on Silk Air. I tried to be entertaining in writing the descriptions. Because people definitely want to read about Britney’s comeback after a layover in Singapore.