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Gardens of the Sun

Gardens of the Sun is cleaning up the diamond and gemstone supply chain. Oh, and their jewellery designs are out of this world.


S1T2 tells stories through technology. Like, really amazing technology out of an HG Wells book, and then some.


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The lady proposal: It’s not all romance and fireworks

It’s not so uncommon these days for a woman to propose to a man. Sandra Bullock did it in The Proposal and so did Amy Adams in Leap Year. But things are different in real life. In real life, there’s this thing called ‘logistics’, aka the antithesis of romance.

Protecting your personal data

IT professionals spend the majority of their time ensuring the cyber safety of their employers. However, do they take the same care with their own data and cyber activities?

Creative late bloomers

In an article in The New Yorker, prominent author Malcolm Gladwell speaks of late bloomers as he unfolds the creative career of Ben Fountain.

Monogamy and the human species

Why do we flock towards the concept of a monogamous marriage when divorce rates are so high? Are we just following a sociocultural model that actually deviates from natural inclination?